Dear Max and Siegfried,

It was a joy to meet both of you on my recent visit to the Faraja School. Max, the retreat and visitor center you have built is impressive and a model of success for development and service in Tanzania. We look forward to visiting there many times in the future upon our return trips to Tanzania. Thank you for your hospitatlity. Siegfried, your talent in art and communicating with the children is a gift from God. Thank you for visiting the Faraja School and speaking to the children. I have attached pictures from your visit. I hope that you will be able to visit again and spend more time teachihg the children. Your inspiration will have a major impact on the children and their goals for the future.
I hope we can all keep in touch by email and that our visits to the Faraja School will give us the opportunity to meet again.
With kind regards,
Dave Tolmie
März 2011