Holy Spirit Sisters, Sr. M. Elizabeth

Dear Max Werner Kahl,

Greetings from Rauya. lt is now two weeks over since you left us after the hard work and preparation of the blessing of our Magnificat Church. lt is still a dream to me to experience God's love to us. How was it possible to construct the Church like that.

I am still thanking you very much for your effort and hard working of convincing your friends in Kronberg to contribute what they had to enable us to construct this Church. May God bless you abundantly. Convey my sincere gratitude to all.

Thank you for your Fax which was translated by Sr. Cecilia Msaki. I was again happy to hear that there is a man who will make the stations of the cross for the Church. This is another blessing God is showering upon us. Even if will take two years, we are patient to wait for that. For us here the following project is to make the Chairs or benches for the church. I will let you know how for we will be after Easter.

Max, all the best and convey my regards to Christian,Tobias, David and all the friends from Kronberg: Hopefully they will come again.

Yours in Christ, Sr. M. Elizabeth